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Playing Golf With The Boss

Playing Golf With the Boss & Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

Everyone knows that in the business world getting ahead requires you to make an impression on the boss. Finding a way to connect with your boss without looking like you are trying to suck up can often times be a challenge for employees. However if both of you are golfers this can open a wide door for you to be able to better relate and have something in common to talk about. The trick then becomes once you have begun to discuss golf how do you actually begin to play golf with the sign

You should first off start by using a non-committal type of offer to go out and shoot a round together. For example after watching one of the majors you might say to your boss on Monday, "You know, we should play sometime." This will let your boss know that you are interested in playing but not seeming "too interested." This gives him or her the opportunity to take you up on the offer or be able to decline without the situation becoming awkward.

Once your boss does decide to go out and play a round with you there are some things that you should consider before you go. First you may want to find out what handicap your boss has. This can be very helpful as you will know what to expect and you will know how to plan for your round. For example if your boss is a 30 handicap and you are a 9 then you know that they are not going to play the back tees. So for the sake of the pace of the game you should play the forward tees.

Another thing you should remember when you play golf with the boss is that many times employers will watch and observe how you handle yourself on the course. This is because during a round of golf there are many character issues that will come up. For example if you hit a wayward tee shot do you throw your driver and curse or do you shrug it off and say a small funny comment like, "I thought I left Mr. Hyde at home."

There can also be issues of integrity while on the course. A great example of this might be when you need to call a penalty shot on yourself even though nobody else may have noticed. For instance let's say you were taking a practice swings and then during your real swing you whiffed, others may think you were just taking an additional practice swing but you will know the truth and calling a penalty on yourself lets your boss see that even when no one is watching you have integrity.

Those are some of the character issues that your boss will see very well during a round of golf so make sure that you can keep yourself together before you agree to play. There are several things that you should avoid when you are on the course. This should include talking about work related topics unless your boss actually brings them up. Many people golf not only for the enjoyment of the game but also to clear their mind as you cannot let yourself become distracted while golfing or your score will suffer.

So when you are playing golf with your boss stay away from "shop talk." This is especially true about talking about other employees in a derogatory or gossipy way. Never bad mouth another employee while out with playing golf with your boss. This will only reflect badly on you and could make the rest of the round uncomfortable. Never hint or talk about a raise, this is taboo. Your boss will automatically think that you were more interested in cornering him/her on the course then in playing the round.

There are some people that feel you should let your boss win or at the least complement them at every opportunity. This can backfire. When you are on the course play your game if you happen to shoot the better score, so be it. Compliment shots that deserve to be complimented. Any golfer knows a disingenuous compliment when they hear it so don't go overboard. Remember to also be gracious, not arrogant, when you receive a compliment.

When you play golf with the boss make sure that you are ready to be able to handle what the course may throw at you graciously. Many character traits will come out while playing golf and you can bet that your boss will be watching how you manage them. So enjoy the round, play your game and don't talk about work.

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