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Non Profit Golf Outing Benefits

If you're part of a non-profit organization and are just now learning about charity golf outings, it's important that we catch you up to speed. There are thousands upon thousands of dollars to be made in the golf industry, but holding outings has to take the cake. We've put together 5 different ways a golf outing can benefit your non-profit to help you get started. Just understand as you become more familiar, ideas will start popping up in your head as well.

The Money Rules

Like we said before, this is a monster money maker if you do things right. You will start out making money from the initial investment to get in the fundraising golf tournament. Then it will move on to all the additional games and prizes golfers will be able to enter, as well as silent auctions, raffles, pledging, or more common areas like side gambling on the golfers themselves. The options are endless, but it's up to you to make sure you have a high profit for your non-profit through all the areas possible.

The Exposure

Sure, the golf outing is a great way to raise money for your non-profit organization. What about the long term effect though? See, if you've attracted 100-200 people, they have friends who have friends so on an so forth. If they like what they see, the word of mouth can go a long, long way for your organization.

So how exactly to you produce even more exposure at the event? Well, brochures are a great way to keep the information around for others to see. If you've ever been in a charity golf outing before, you usually have to wait, and wait, and wait some more for other golfers. Holes get backed up and people end up getting restless while they have to wait. However, this is a time that many golfers could be reading about your organization and end up giving you a nice donation when the golf tournament awards ceremony is over.

Building Personal Relationships

For a person that throws tons of money your way, they feel as though you should make yourself available to them every once in awhile. A corporate golf outing allows you to not only mingle with those who are already on the side of your non-profit, but they can also bring others in as well. Not only does this give you an added personal touch, but it will leave people feeling as though you are actually accessible, which is hard to find these days.

It will also allow you to enjoy the company of everyone else and show the lighter side of you if you haven't before. While the match is going on, don't be afraid to visit one of the contest holes or even the hole in one where everyone will want to give it a whirl. Listen, we understand you are going to have a day full of stresses, but it will be nice to get away for a little while and intertwine yourself with the others.

The New Help

We've seen this happen on many occasions where someone will enjoy what your non-profit is all about after playing in a golf outing and want to be a part of it. So while you may be going into this trying to raise money, you might just get yourself an extra bonus as well. In fact, a few years back we had over twenty-five people want to be volunteers for our non-profit company.

The Education

Listen, while everything above is extremely nice, this is a great time to get people the education and knowledge about your non-profit organization. For instance, if your company revolves around helping wounded soldiers get the medical benefits they deserve when coming back to the states, then integrate a little tribute within your outing. Obviously, this is just an example, but putting a story up next to the golf tee signs at each hole about a specific person is a great attention grabber.

Our Overall Thoughts

Even though we only gave you five ways today, this definitely isn't it. There are hundreds of reasons to do something like this, and thousands if you're counting the money. In the end though the ways above are more than enough reasons to utilize the benefits of golf outings. All you have to do is get out there and make it happen. So if this is your first time looking into a charity golf tournament as an opportunity, you'll soon realize this will soon be an annual event for your organization.