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Learning The Basics of Golf Etiquette

Well, while it would be fun to provide the fans and other golfers with an Adam Sandler appeal (Happy Gilmore Movie) on the course, that most likely won't go over too well. We've tried it, and even though some found it entertaining, others felt it was a bit childish. So after years of having ups and downs in the golf etiquette world we've put together some basics you can take with you for the next outing.

Golf Etiquette Teeing Off

Obviously the things we want to cover today is the unwritten rules that should just be abided by. Teeing off is a good place to start because, well that's where you begin your day. If you're just going out to have a good time, then it doesn't matter who goes first on the #1 hole. However, whoever ends up with the best score when you're finished wins the opportunity to tee off first on hole #2.

Then you turnaround and do the same thing for each hole. Some people say you will have "honors," but others will simply say, "your up." If it's the latter they may be feeling a little disappointed because their losing. So in the end, the more times you go first, you're most likely in the hunt to take home the bragging rights or anything else you're playing for that day.

Replacing Divots and Fixing Ball Marks

There is nothing better then hitting a great looking shot into the fairway or on the green. Unfortunately there's nothing worse then getting up to your next shot and seeing a huge divot either on the tee box or fairway. It only takes a couple seconds to go pick it up and place it right over top of the area you chunked it out of on the course. We suggest just stepping on it to push it down. Some people use their clubs, but we've seen others bend some of them as a result. We think they were just upset, but who knows.

Oh, and have you ever made a nice smooth stroke on your putt and just as it's about to go in it hits a bump and shifts in another direction? Yep, you can thank that person that doesn't fix those for the extra stroke on your scorecard. Although, it will be smart to look over your line and see if anything like this is in the way before the putt. Then again, you could just use a pitch tool and fix it yourself. Definitely what we recommend. Even if you aren't the one who made the mark. Good golf etiquette tip indeed!

Slow Play

Listen, we understand you're new and everything, but even the amateur veterans out there will get irritated if they have to wait. So, if you know you aren't going to play well, get a cart. Yes, golf is a great game and can be loads of fun, but if you plan on cuttin-it-up with everyone on the tee box the people behind you are not going to be happy.

You may even find a couple old guys in golf carts with walkie-talkies coming up to you and telling you to speed it up. If this happens your day won't be as much fun when someone else is pushing you along. Long story short, just try to keep up with everyone else. Most importantly, be ready to hit your shot when your turn comes around.

No Shirt-No Shoes-No Golf

Probably one of the best unwritten rules in golf etiquette is to dress decent. We aren't suggesting you bust out your 007 tux, just some casual khaki shorts and a $5.00 three button short sleeve shirt is fine. Really, you might want to call the course you are golfing at, because they may have specific rules. However, what we talked about in the previous sentence will suffice.

Even if you're headed to a little par 3 course, it shows respect for the game and the establishment if you dress decent. Don't get up to the tee box with army shorts, a muscle shirt, and tennis shoes because if someone complains you'll have to leave without a refund. Sure, you can complain to high heaven, but the end result will just be trouble.

The #1 Rule of Golf Etiquette

Seriously, all of the basics of golf etiquette above will help you fit in to the surroundings. While each one will garner their own respect there is one more thing you must do in order to enjoy the next round of golf. That is, have fun. You're not Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington, Ernie Els or any other of the greats. Your just playing in a charity golf tournament. So when you chili-dip your approach or it goes way out of bounds, who cares. You got more golf balls in the bag.

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