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How To Correct a Golf Slice Part 2

Too steep of a plain in your swing can also cause you to slice the golf ball. If this is the case then you will need to fix this. Most golfers have this issue. When you swing too steep it is difficult for your hands to turn over and square the club through the impact of the ball. If you have this tendency it is a natural consequence from baring lies or hard mats that force you to hit downward for a solid hit. The downward is what can cause a slice.

If you are one of those people who swing the club straight up and down, you will reverse rotate and block the open face through the impact. You need to swing the club more around the body as if your are swinging in a baseball type swing. You might even try baseball swings above the ball.

Something else that can cause an embarrassing slice of a golf ball is the shoulder tilt. This is similar to an upright swing issue however; the shoulder tilt problem is not caused from your arms moving up and down. When you slice the ball from a shoulder tilt is it because your body is tilting and not turning as it should. If this is the cause you want your arms to swing around your body. You should put your arms across your chest and turn your shoulders back and through. Once you have the swing right, you can put a club in your hands to practice it through.

If your swing is pretty good and you cannot figure out the problem it might be because you are rotating the clubface to much when you move it away from the ball. When happens is that you open the face too far and then give yourself that much further to have to square the ball again at impact. You need to be sure the club is square in your backswing instead of rotating the club open. The best point to check your swing is at two o’clock. Be sure the clubface is square.

If you have a problem slicing the ball while you are playing golf, the problem is somewhere in your swing. You will need to practice your swing and get it right but you need to find out what it is that is causing you to slice the ball. There are many parts of the swing and if you don’t have each part of your swing just right, it could be c ausing you to slice the ball.

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