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How To Correct a Golf Slice Part 1

There are many things that can cause a golf slice to occur. If you have a golf slice you definitely need to fix it if you want to improve your overall game. One bad slice could cost you several par (Definition of Par) on one hold. The first thing you need to do is figure out what is causing your slice in order to fix it.

When a slice occurs it happens because your club is open upon impact of the ball relative to the path of the head of the club. One of the things that cause a slice on the ball is from having a wayward left hand. This can happen when the back of your left hand is aligned to the right of the ball. The face of the golf club will be open and cause a slice. In order to repair a wayward left hand you need to be sure the back of your hand is facing the target at impact. It should at least feel it is facing the target and your grip should be strong.

One of the ways you can square your left hand is by practicing without a club. Stand with your right arm by your side and rotate your left forearm while cocking your wrist as you swing back. Practice your swing without your club in your hand so your hand is square.

If you have a weak grip you will also have a golf slice because your hands will be turned too far to the left. You know if your grip is too weak if the back of your left hand is squared and you are still slicing. If this is the case then you need to turn your hands to the right on the club and maintain a strong position.

When you have a strong grip it is easy to turn your left hand over so you don’t have very far to get the club square. There is something to keep in mind though. If you are trying to square your left hand and you cannot then you most likely have something wrong with your swing and not the grip.

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