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Hosting A Green Golf Tournament

There are many ways you can host an environmentally friendly golf tournament. You should consider things like using eco-friendly products, minimizing waste by recycling, green car, conserve, choose an environmentally friendly course, and think about being neutral to carbon.

If you are holding a charity event or tournament and it is even remotely regarding the environment or being eco-friendly, your entire charity event should be focused around this concept. You cannot say you are making money for a charity to save the earth if the entire event is wasteful and completely against golf

The most important thing when you have an environmentally friendly charity golf tournament is that you need to use products considered eco-friendly. This means you should use products that are made with recycled plastics, papers, and other things. You might not pass out event advertisements and notifications on regular paper but on recycled paper. People may drink out of cups that are plastic and reusable. You might want to eliminate water bottles because of the waste of plastic. Unless the water bottles are recycled and you plan on recycling them at a center when people are finished with them, don’t use them. You can also encourage people to bring their own cups for drinking out of.

The best way to conserve an environmentally friendly golf charity event is by advertising the entire event over the Internet. You get a larger audience over the Internet anyways rather than the local news. The local news is only your local community. Why waste paper in the newspaper when you can reach out to a larger audience of people to attend the event. In addition, those people who are too far away to attend your event may see you have a good enough cause to donate anyway. You can make more money by the Internet and save on using any paper or ink products.

During your tournament you need to be sure the gold course you choose is an environmentally friendly course also. Does the course provide soda cans and plastic bottles? Do they recycle their products? You should clearly see recycle bins around the golf course. You should also find out if the course recycles all of the waste generated through them.

It would be a contradiction to hold a golf tournament for an environmentally friendly cause at a course that doesn’t practice saving the earth too. The people attending the event would be turned off and it would discredit the event.

An environmentally friendly charity golf tournament also means people will need to be in good shape or their caddies will. You should not use golf carts at an event like this. This is because your cause wants to save on the petroleum and there is no reason to waste it on golf carts cruising around a golf course. You or your caddy will be carrying your clubs and items with you throughout the course. You might want to remind golfers that they should pack their golf bags lightly.

Conservation efforts also need to be a big concept of a ‘green’ golf tournament. Many tournaments offer prizes to people who get a hole-in-one or have an auction. Instead of a trophy or some other golf prize you can have a prize that focuses on conservation efforts. This might include nature travel package or a trip to the rain forest by the use of sustainable transportation methods and other things. Maybe it would be a camping trip. The point is to conserve and make it a point to the golfers you are doing everything you can to be environmentally friendly because it really is your ultimate goal.

Something else you should think about is the prize you offer for a hole in one. Many sponsors will give up a vehicle as the prize which will allow you to make the most money for your charity event. If you are having a ‘green’ event then it would be silly to give away a car. The only car that you can have as a prize is a ‘green’ car that is a hybrid or electric that conserves on gasoline and emits as little carbon monoxide fumes into the air as possible.

When you host a green golf tournament, your golfers and sponsors won’t think you are credible if the event and course doesn’t practice being environmentally friendly. You will need to use recycled items as much as possible, use the Internet, provide a practical prize, and more. If the event isn’t friendly to the earth you will lose credibility as a charity.