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Hosting A Celebrity Golf Tournament

Celebrity golf tournaments are known to generate the most revenues when it comes to a golf tournament. There are many reasons for this but the primary reason is that celebrities attract people who want to see them and play golf with them. If you are interested in holding a celebrity golf tournament there are many things you need to do to make sure the event is as successful as possible. These things include recruiting the right people on your team, charges, a trophy, advertising, course, and more.

The golf course is usually what will entice the celebrities. Celebrities want exposure for their career. When you want to hold a celebrity golf tournament you have to be sure the golf course is a favored one in a great location. This is the first step to getting pro golfers and other various celebrities. If the golf course is famous or popular you will attract people.

When you want to recruit celebrities this can be the most difficult task at hand. It is usually about who you know. In most cases, the manager of the golf course will know celebrities but you need to find people who know celebrities. This will help create a good roster of celebrities who are interested in playing golf. You also want to be sure the celebrities you choose will look good for you to.When you hold a golf tournament of any kind your cause should be the most important thing. You need to talk about where the proceeds are going to go to. This should be a non-profit benefit. Most celebrities are willing to play at a tournament when it will benefit a cause they believe in. It is important to remember that some celebrities only favor certain causes so even though they might believe what you are doing is good, their money may be tied up elsewhere.

Making money at a celebrity golf tournament can work in many ways. One of the things you can do is charge the celebrities to play. Some celebrities will pay up to a couple thousand dollars to play at a tournament while others don’t think they should have to pay anything at all. Charging celebrities may be a deterrent.

You can pay the celebrities to golf at the tournament also. It is common for celebrities to expect to be paid also. You might not have a lot of money because you are a non-profit and not all celebrities expect to get paid. The good news is if you do pay them to play at the course you can charge a hefty entry fee for other players to play. This will help you absorb the costs. Golfers will pay a lot of money to play with celebrities. You can charge up to $500 to get into the game. This is one of the biggest benefits of a celebrity golf tournament because you can charge so much more to play and you will make much more money.

The most important thing is to bring in the celebrities to the golf tournament. Once you have committed people to play at the tournament then the rest is up to you as far as the success of the tournament.

Advertising is one of the most important factors when you hold a celebrity golf tournament. If you don’t advertise you won’t succeed. People want to golf with famous people, this is a fact. The local television news station will be more than willing to capture the story since there will be famous people there. This is the best way to bring in attention to the tournament. You should advertise via other methods through a website, email campaigns, newspaper ads, and flyers given out at the golf course. The more you announce the tournament and the names of the people you were able to get there, the more people will come.

Another benefit of a celebrity golf course is local venue donations. You can talk to local businesses about advertising for their company at some of the holes on the golf course that will have the most spectators. You can offer banners and such. Most businesses will provide their own and they are more than willing to buy a spot on the course when they know so many people will be at the tournament, especially celebrities. This is an excellent revenue generator and can double your proceeds. One of the best things is that many of the local company sponsors often like to donate things like t-shirts, koozies, and other various items with their logos on them to give away to golfers. You can use these items for consolation prizes for all of the golfers or for everyone who just came out to view the event.

The biggest thing that can attract the professional golfers is by creating a trophy. If you can have a trophy made then you have immediately created the competition. The best part about it is if the course is favored, you can hold this event every year. The more successful you are with this event the more people will want to come back another year. A trophy each year is something to work toward and many golfers will actually pay to play for this type of a prize. It is something they can put on their mantle or in a trophy case to brag about forever.

Celebrity golf tournaments can be organized easily. It is about who you know, getting on the right course, advertising, enticing, and more. The majority of people want to golf with a well known face and you can use it to your advantage by getting a liked face on the course. This will help generate more money toward your benefit.