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Golf Tournament Formats

Choosing  the Best Format for Your Golf Tournament

There are plenty of different ways to have a golf tournament. If you are having difficulty deciding on which of the golf tournament formats is right for your, then think about what sort of tournament yours will be. Some tournament formats are great for those who are playing for fun, while others are better suited to serious fundraising tournament

For a golf tournament which will feature teams, the Scramble (Definition of Scramble) is probably the most commonly used format. This format allows for teams of two, three or four persons. This format also permits players to choose the best shot from each stroke. Once the best stroke has been selected, all the players have the opportunity to hit the ball from this best shot. There are several variations on Scramble, such as Florida Scramble, Texas Scramble and Ambrose.

Golf Tournament Formats For Players of All Abilities

If you decide to use the Best Ball format at your golf tournament, then all players will play their own ball at each hole. This golf tournament format is a team play format, but everyone will hit their own ball. After each hole, the lowest score amongst each team will be the team score. Best Ball is also called Four Ball. There are also 1, 2 and 3 ball variations of Best Ball. This is one of the most popular formats for golf tournaments.

Another format for a golf tournament is Alternate Shot, which allows two person teams. This format is also called Foursome. In the alternate shot format, two players take turns hitting the ball from the tee. The two team members will share a ball; one player hits the ball from the tee and then the other until the ball is in the hold. The same person may end up taking the last shot on a hole and the first on the next hole, as the alternation is between shots and for tee offs.  Other alternate shot games include Scotch Foursomes and Odds and Evens.

Choosing Golf Tournament Formats Can Be A Difficult Process

Modified Stableford can be played individually or by teams. The highest score wins in this format. Each hole's score is worth a given number of points per par. The more points you garner, the higher your rank. The PGA Tour is an example of the Modifies Stableford golf tournament formats.

The Chapman is another possible format for a golf tournament. This format is also known as the Pinehurst and features team play, with two players per team. Chapman is like a combination of sever al tournament formats into one. Teammates switch balls after each shot. They pick the best ball after they make their second shot and then play using the alternate ball until making the hole.

Bingo Bango Bongo is among the most popular formats for a golf tournament. For golf association and league tournaments, this is the most commonly used format. Players are rewarded on three factors per hole – first player in the green, first team to have all their players on the green (or closest to it) and first player to make a hole.

Flags is another popular format for a golf tournament. This format requires all players to begin with a specific number of strokes. These strokes are assigned on the basis of their handicaps. Each player continues until using up their allotment of strokes. Whichever player gets the furthest within their number of strokes wins.

Golf Tournament Formats also work well with Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger format of a golf tournament is another team play format. This format is also called Pink Ball, Yellow Ball and Money Ball. There are four players on each team; players take turns at each hole as the "Lone Ranger". The scores of each teams' players is added together and the lowest scoring team wins.

There are a lot of different possible formats for a golf tournament. If you are planning to hold a golf tournament, as at the course about which format is the most popular in the area. The most common choice for golf tournaments is Scramble.

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