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Golf Fundraisers

The golf tournament fundraising industry is increasing.  There are many reasons for this. Certain times of the year are the best times to schedule a golf fundraiser and there are many ways to raise money through a golf tournament for a charity.

There are many ways to hold a golf tournament fundraiser.  Because of the problems in the economy today charities are suffering and having difficult time gathering money together for their causes.  The most successful endeavor to raise money for an event is the golf tournament. Fundraisers for Golf are not suffering when it comes to raising money for an event.  The popularity of a golf tournament for fund raising is rising because of the success rate.  People have realized this is the best method to raise money for a charitable event.

According to the Golf Tournament Association of America, there are approximately one million golf outings every year in the United States.  At least 90% of these events involve some form of fundraising. The majority of these fundraising golf tournaments that take place throughout the year take place during two primary periods.  These include May through June and September through October. During these times are the best times of the year because the weather is at its best.  It isn’t too cold or too hot.

There are many reasons that golf fundraisers take place each year.  They might be to raise money for breast cancer awareness, children’s benefits; a hospital may need new computer systems, and other things.  There are many reasons people hold a golf fundraiser.  The majority of the events are for non-profit organizations and charity.  A golf tournament for fundraising can raise from $20,000 up to $1 million dollars, depending on who comes to the event.

Most celebrities like to play golf.  Big named golfers often attend important charitable events to raise money for organizations they believe is a good cause.  In addition to professional golfers many other celebrities like to golf as a past time.  It is common for fundraisers to invite as many celebrities as they can to their events.  This is because the more celebrities they can get to attend the event the better turnout of people at the fundraiser.  This also means more money for the charitable cause.

The primary reason that golf tournaments are the most successful golf fundraisers is because people love to play golf.  If the tournament is played at a popular course this is usually a guarantee of a good turnout also.  Golf is interactive and it allows people to be competitive and be involved with raising money for an event. Golf is a much better fundraiser than something like selling hand-woven baskets because it is fun.  You won’t get a big celebrity turnout for selling baskets, no matter how nice they are.

Another way that a golf tournament fundraiser is increasing in popularity because you can not only get the celebrities to play and donate to the cause but you can make money in many other ways.  If you have well-known people coming to the event this will entice the sponsors too.  Businesses see this as a prime time to advertise their business at an event like this.  You can charge businesses up to $1000 to advertise at the best holes of the course.  You can also charge less for the holes that are not as advantageous.  Sponsors usually just want you to put a sign up and they might want you to serve their drink or product at the event.

The Gladney Cup is a charitable golf tournament known to raise high dollars for their cause. This event rose over $1 million last year because they offered players an experience similar to the PGA.  This tournament includes the Jumbotron replays of action on the course, caddies bearing the player’s names, and electronic scoreboards.  The golf tournament consisted of foursome play and a $10,000 fee to get in on the game.  This tournament was successful because it was staged at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, provided an amazing experience, and had the right sponsors and players.

A golf tournament is one of the best ways to raise money for a fundraising event today because of the increasing popularity.  This method has shown to have the highest turnout.  This is because everyone enjoys playing golf.  You don’t have to have a professional golfer show up to be your primary celebrity.  Most celebrities love to play golf and you can get excellent sponsors and people to show which help the event be a success. This is the best way to raise money for a charitable event today.