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Charity Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Holding charity golf tournaments can be a great way to raise money. If you are trying to hold a charity golf tournament fundraiser to raise money for a charity, you should make sure that you are raising as much money as possible for your cause. You can make money through the golf course itself, food and other refreshments, tournament fees, golf tee signs, donations and sponsors.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser Preparation

There is a lot of preparation necessary to set up a golf fundraiser. First, you have to find a golf course which is willing to host the event. Golf courses are generally happy to hold charity golf tournaments, so this should present no difficulty. The biggest concern is how much money you can raise with this charity golf event.

The golf course will still want to make some money, even from a charity event in order too cover expenses. You can set up your golf tournament fundraiser to have a fee for all golfers; perhaps $30, with $10 going to the golf course and the other $20 going to the charity. Club and cart rentals are usually donated by the course for these events.

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Choosing a Golf Course

Golf courses like to hold charity events because it provides them with a great deal of good publicity, as well as the opportunity to get more people to their course that might not otherwise have come. In addition, they will be making a little bit of money on the event.

Another way to make money from a charity golf tournament is through the sale of food and beverages. There may be a restaurant at the course itself which can help you with this by donating a percentage of their sales during the tournament to your cause. This can be a great moneymaker for our charity. You can serve various foods and beverages for low prices and still make money for your charitable cause.

Golf Fundraiser Tip: Try Donations Instead Of Fixed Pricing

You can also try offering food for donations, rather than a set price. You can simply remind people that they money will be going to charity. This method can make you more money for your golf fundraiser than can selling the food for a given price.

A raffle can work very well for a charity golf tournament fundraiser. Many golf courses will be happy to donate a free day of golf as a prize for your raffle. You may even be able to make a package out of it by finding a hotel in the area which is willing to donate a night's stay as well. Make sure to have golf tournament prizes that the attendees will want to win; this will enable you to sell lots of raffle tickets. If your cause is seen as worthwhile by your community, you should have no trouble finding businesses who will want to donate prizes for your raffle, and other prizes for your golf fundraiser.

Charity Golf Fundraisers Help Raise Millions

Donations are very important; you should remind all attendees that this is a charitable event – take every opportunity to remind people what this event is really about. Encourage people to donate and tell people how to donate too the cause in all of your advertisements for the golf tournament fundraiser. List phone numbers, drop off locations – anything which will work for your charity to accept donations. If there is a website for your event, make sure to include a way for people to donate online.

Golf sponsors are vital to the success of your charity golf outing. Businesses are likely to want to become sponsors for your event, since this provides some great publicity for their business. Don't be shy about asking local businesses to become sponsors; tell them how they can get involved and offer them golf sponsor signage. Offer different levels of sponsorship – after all, a business may be willing to pay far more to sponsor the 18th hole than the 3rd.

You have a lot of options open to you as far as making money through a charity golf tournament or golf fundraiser. Try to get as many sponsors as you can, keep reminding people of the importance of donating, sell refreshments and work together with the golf course to maximize your revenue from the charity golf tournament fundraiser.