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Golf Tournament Gifts: Unique Golf Gifts & Awards

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Golf Tournament Gifts

Are you looking for golf tournament gifts? We will soon be offering golf tournament gifts and golf tournament awards in addition to our standard golf tournament signs, golf tee sign, and golf sponsor signs. If you have specific requests please let us know. Here are a few different products we will be carrying: custom golf balls, imprinted golf tees, screen printed tee shirts, logo golf shirts, golf awards, golf bag tags, custom golf caps, golf umbrellas, golf bags, and custom golf flags, and custom golf apparel. We will also offer golf water bottles

Golf Tournament Gifts & Golf Awards

There are many things to think about when it comes to the awards you will give to players at a golf tournament. You want to have a grand prize and also other prizes. These prizes can vary and they usually depend on the size and the popularity of your tournament.

Prizes can be difficult to get for your players if you are short on funds. Usually when you hold a golf tournament for fund raising it is usually for a non-profit organization and there aren’t any funds to go out and purchase a prize. It is left up to you to purchase prizes for the tournament. The truth is that the better the prize is the better turnout of players you might have who show up to play.

When you hold a golf tournament for a non-profit cause it is up to you to hit the pavement and ask for support. The best way to get prizes is while you are looking for sponsors of the tournament. Many sponsors will make donations for golf tournament prizes. This is because the organization can write the donation off on their tax statements. If your charity golf tournament is big enough and you are successful with your endeavors with sponsors you might be able to get a great golf tournament gift like a brand new car donated for the golf tournament fundraising event. Getting prizes and golf gifts like this is much easier than it seems. You cannot be afraid to ask people for a donation when you are looking for sponsors for your golf tournament fundraiser.

While you are planning the charity golf tournament it is important to think of the consolation prizes you will give out to people too. One popular thing you can do is talk to a local t-shirt shop and ask them if they would be willing to donate t-shirts. You can have t-shirts made up for the event with the name, date, and more. You might even think about providing t-shirts to everyone anyways, even if they are not a prize. If you cannot get t-shirts donated they are still cheap. You can buy tons of plain colored t-shirts for rock bottom prices and have them screened with the event information.

Golf Tournament Gifts Everyone Loves

There are other things you can consider for consolation prizes like golf calendars, tees, towels, shoe bags, golf bags, custom golf tees, custom golf balls, coffee mugs, beverage holders, golf hats, personalized golf balls, and more. These smaller prizes can be given to tournament players who participated but did not make it into the top two or three golfers. These are great items for prizes. The primary reason why these are excellent choices is that items like golf hats, golf bags, and cup holders provide advertising for the event. This way, should you decide to hold the event every year maybe more people will show up to the next golf outing.

If you want to start a golf tournament and make it an annual golf event you might consider golf trophies or plaques. This is a good idea because golf tournament trophies really are affordable. People who like to golf are very competitive and when you provide a golf trophy that they can display many people may fight for it. A trophy is something that everyone wants to have on their shelves and many golfers may come to play. Because you are holding a tournament for a non-profit event you might be able to get the trophy shop to donate the trophy and the plaques for free if you trade the costs for advertising at the best hole.

When you give a trophy for the first place prize you can also give second and third place trophies or plaques. You might even have the winners name engraved on the trophy or just put the event name, date, and name of the golf tournament on it. This is one of the best prizes you can give to golfers at a tournament.

Golf Tournament Gifts, Awards, & Trophies

One of the things you need to consider is that when you use trophies and plaques as the prize you can almost guarantee the top ten players will return back next year to the golf tournament. They will tell their friends and bring more people, and everyone enjoys unique golf tournament gifts. The more popularity and advertising you can get for the tournament the more people will come to win the trophy.

Trophy shops are more than willing to donate a trophy. They want the publicity of the advertising so you may visit them as if you are asking for a sponsor and make a deal in trade for the grand prizes. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask a trophy shop because the worst they can say is no. However, they may give you a very good discount if they cannot donate a trophy for free. Either way, the players will love a nice golf award, and the kids will love the unique golf tournament gifts, especially if you include personalized golf balls.

Golf Tournament Prizes & Gifts For The Top 3 Players

When you consider prizes for a golf tournament you must consider the top three golfers. It is also important to provide consolation prizes to all of the participants of the golf tournament. This will ensure everyone who attended is happy. T-shirts are an excellent consolation or free gift. The best grand prize is a trophy because you can continue to give the same trophy every year.