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Golf Balls

Choosing the Best Golf Ball For Your Game

You might even be sitting there thinking it doesn't make a difference. Oddly enough, we actually agree with you if you're a beginner. Why? Well, if you can't hit the ball straight, have good approach shots to the green, or have a steady putting style, then it really doesn't matter. That's why you see some guys going out there go to the local convenient store to get their golf balls out of the used basket for fifty cents.

However, you really don't know what a ball can do until you try different versions out. Each one have their own unique ways to help your game. So we decided to give you a little basic look at each of these without getting all technical. Seriously, depending on your problems with your golf game, you'll be surprised at how much just changing your golf ball can actually improve your game and overall score.

The Golfer Who Wants More Distance

Sometimes getting a little extra distance off the tee and in your approach shot can be the difference between a birdie, par, bogey or worse. Typical distance balls are two piece balls. The center is produced with solid rubber, with less dimples and less spin. Once thing to note about these types of golf balls is that they'll also help your control. Meaning you won't hook or slice your shot as much.

The Golfer Who Can't Keep the Ball on the Green

How frustrating is it to hit a nice shot off the tee and then turn around and watch your approach shot roll off the back? This is one of the reasons someone can end up shooting 90 instead of an 80. If you're having issues like this then looking into purchasing a three piece ball will definitely help. The difference here is that it gives you a softer touch around the greens and even if you're hitting the green hot the roll will definitely slow on the release.

The Best Golf Ball for a Beginner

Hey, if you're a beginner and are going to get irritated reading about two piece and three piece golf balls, smaller and larger cores, ridiculous amounts of dimples, and various plastic materials that make a golf ball just buy a cheap one. Seriously, it may sound like an easy way out, but you would be surprised how many good brand name balls you can get through purchasing a used dozen.

Names like Titleist, Nike, Precept, and many others will be mixed in which can give you quite the variety and more of a chance to find the best golf ball for beginners. The point is they're cheap, plus you'll be able to try many of them out and decide which one best suits your abilities. Now, the only thing you need to make sure of is that there aren't any cuts or large amounts of scuff marks. If you end up with those you might as well practice hitting them O.B.

In The End

When it's all said and done, many people will get wrapped up in all the technological writing on the backs of ball sleeves. Don't get sucked in to all that, just think about what your game needs to improve on and gear your purchase towards that aspect. Oh, and if you don't fair so well the first time out don't worry. It may take a few rounds to figure out the new club selections you'll be making due to the extra distance or the speed of the ball on the greens. However, if for whatever reason they don't help, move on to another ball. In the end, you have all kinds of choices.